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A world-class medical facility where dedication to providing advanced healthcare tops the list every day.

Situated in the Northern Region of Riyadh, AlYasmin District, CityMed Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and experienced doctors who always prioritize patientsโ€™ health and wellbeing. Being an advanced medical center, we provide a wide scope of treatments at par with the highest international standards.


Knowing the true value of health, CityMed Hospital houses a wide scope of medical departments that are
fully competent to treat every medical condition.

Head of Departments

We encourage young healthcare workers to excel in their respective fields by providing
them opportunities to learn from internationally renowned medical experts.

Coronavirus Guidelines:

Committed to

Keeping You Safe.

To keep our patients and staff safe from COVID-19, we are strictly implying SOP guidelines laid down by CDC and from the MOH.

Patient Testimonials

We believe in providing luxury to our patients in every way possible. Our third-party contractors have a
decade's worth of experience serving in their respective industries.

No need to wait for an hour for your turn; simply book your appointment online and save your time.

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Our healthcare facility is a fully digitized institution that runs on the latest and reliable Hospital Information System which helps us care for you even better. Subscribe for the latest updates and programs provided by CityMed Hospital

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